Kerala Scuba Diving Adventure

Nature, with its quicksilver attributes, has always inspired awe and has remained as the greatest enigma to mankind. The feel of crushing foamy waves over one's body, the sight of colorful coral reefs, planktons, small hydroids, sea anemones, starfish, glassy jellyfish and other biodiversity is truly enticing. You can never be alone in the sea.

The best way to explore this varied aqua life is to dive under water and watch nature in its different incarnation. So if you are tired after touring the hills, plains and plateaus and want to indulge in different types of pleasure or adventures, then nothing can be better than the thrill of scuba diving in the azure backwaters and seas of Kerala. Beach that offers scuba diving is the Varkala Beach which is less inhabited and is located about 51 km from the capital of Kerala- Thiruvananthapuram. The Alappuzha Beach also offers water sports activities. It doesn't matter if you are a novice or a professional; there are veteran guides who will be always ready to help you.

Things required- Scuba diving needs some essential things or equipments. The essential requirements are-.

• Fin
• Tank
• Mask
• Snorkel
• Knife
• Dive tables
• Dive watch
• A pair of leather or canvas gloves
• Underwater flashlights for night diving
• Wet suit that varies with the temperature of the water

Physical requirements- While scuba diving you should comply with certain conditions-

• You should not be a heart patient
• You should not have high blood pressure
• Don't do diving if you are pregnant
• You should be minimum 10 years of age

Tips About Scuba Diving

You should keep the following safety points in mind while going for a dive under the water-

• Never dive alone, any friend, guardian or professional should be accompanying you.
• Seek help when you are in danger
• Always place a "Diver Below" flags to keep boat and ship drivers away
• Make sure you are completely fit
• Stay away from venomous creatures, octopuses, sharks and so on
• Check out whether your diving equipments are functioning properly

Have an unforgettable time exploring the underwater diverse flora and fauna, the fragments of a sunken ship and viewing the astounding coral reefs of the turquoise, cobalt blue waters of Kerala.