Kerala Trekking Adventure

Trekking in Kerala is one of the famous adventure sports awaiting the trekking enthusiasts. There is the limitless possibility of the trekking traveler for special points of interest at different destinations of Kerala. The travelers can also explore the rugged beauty of the lofty mountains romancing the shimmering waterfalls.

The trekking tours through Kerala amidst the world's most beautiful places as Agasthyarkoodam, Chembra Peak, Pythal mala and Thenmala and a lot of other places in Kerala is popular for trekking training and adventurous trekking. Periyar trekking program is mind blowing. Munnar and Periyar offer excellent trekking experience.

The Periyar tiger reserve will leave you to an absolutely in awe of the majesty of the tropical jungle and an experience of a lifetime. At Munnar you will be at altitudes of over 7000 feet and experience the uniqueness of the shoal-grassland eco systems.

At Silent Valley National Park in Palakkad District of Kerala, experience the awe of being in the most pristine stretch of primordial rainforest of Western Ghats. Different eco systems and tribal populations and a great trek through the deepest rain forests and expedition of spectacular places unreachable by wheels are really stunning in Kerala.

While you trek through Kerala you can experience the authentic culture and essence of the land you visited. Bamboo rafts will take you across the lake for a memorable moment for the life time. At Kerala the trekking not only let you to experience the unexplored trails made by nature, but also brings the visitor directly in touch with the country and its people and help you to enjoy every moment. Call us for details now…..